Powered By Balenciaga



Balenciaga is committed to empower the imagination of all talents.

Our mission as a brand and as a company is to promote creativity by supporting talents from everywhere and it is the reason why we want to collaborate with people from diverse locations, experiences, and backgrounds.

The Powered by Balenciaga Scholarship targets design students from schools that do not typically apply to intern with our design department.

Starting in 2021, we will offer two six-month scholarships per year to gifted students from partnering fashion schools. Balenciaga design internships will integrate fashion students with ready-to-wear, shoes, fabrics, or couture teams, providing mutually beneficial experience and knowledge.

Developing a program to help students from a diverse range of schools will drive change within an industry in need of democratization, diversification, and affirmative action.

In addition to an internship grant, Balenciaga will fund travel, visas, and accommodations for the selected students.


For each scholarship round, Balenciaga will partner with a different school. The partnership will be launched in collaboration with a school’s tutor, teacher, or professor, who will be the person of contact for the applicants.

The scholarship is open for all fashion design students: ready-to-wear, shoes, fabrics, accessoires or leather goods.

Students need to apply online at scholarship.balenciaga.com, after receiving an invitation code from their tutor.

Students may only apply in their final year of study (either in an undergraduate or postgraduate course) or immediately after graduation..


Balenciaga scholarships start in mid-March and mid-October. Participating schools are confirmed one months before the application deadline.


Students applying for a scholarship must provide:

  • A CV or résumé
  • A written statement describing your personal background
  • A motivational statement about your work
  • A mood board of existing and published works and material